[Exclusive] An Apocalyptic Prophesy in Daniel Arsham's 'Future Relic 04'

In 2045, our world is drowning...

by Marina Garcia-Vasquez
09 December 2015, 7:05pm

Still from Future Relic 04, © James Law

In the year 2045, two pilots commandeer an airplane and see tidal fluctuations and storm systems arise at an alarming rate. The climate is changing and in the fourth installment of Daniel Arsham’s Future Relic series, the artist takes us on an immersive journey from the cockpit of two pilots who suddenly realise the human race is facing extinction. We come face-to-face with our future civilisation before humans excavate the moon. Are we doomed to a melting icecap future where everybody drowns?

Future Relic is a video series that stars Juliette Lewis as "Lona Rey," the protagonist on a mission to rescue the legacy of her scientist father. The sci-fi art series, also starring Mahershala Ali, Arturo Castro, James Franco, Ronald Guttman, Matthew Maher, and Ethan Suplee, will culminate as a feature film in 2016. Until then, we have snippets previewed as art installations along the way, including a teaser which The Creators Project premieres today. “Future Relic 04 is the most complex film I’ve made in terms of scenography, with all of the sets constructed by my studio team,” says Arsham in the film's press release.

Daniel Ashram, 
Future Relic 04, © James Law


For this iteration, a full cockpit set was built as an installation in the Miami Beach EDITION hotel to premiere for Art Basel Miami Beach. Arsham and his multidisciplinary design firm Snarkitecture are best known for their cast plaster sculptures of common objects. Each Future Relic film and unveiling provides Arsham an opportunity to build out imagined future worlds and reveal a new future relic art object as an edition of 500.

In Arsham’s film, we see sweeping natural beauty in demise juxtaposed by a sterile but safe scientific laboratory. Arsham’s built environments are just as beautifully crafted as the corresponding world outside the film, posing questions of temporality and mankind’s responsibility to create healthy and habitable futures for all.

Below, check out the exclusive teaser for Future Relic 04, which will drop on Nowness on December 11. Stay tuned as well to learn what new relics Arsham has in store. 

FUTURE RELIC 04 TEASER from Film the Future on Vimeo.

To learn more about Future Relic click here.


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