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Kayleb Duckett’s Lounge Is a Portal Into His Experimental Psych Pop World

The Wellingtonian's new album is like the musical diary of a creative share house.

by Tim Scott
27 March 2017, 3:28am

The last time we checked in with Kayleb Duckett he explained the freedom that comes with recording music in underwear and having a neighbour who drops by to play the erhu. Oh, and the other neighbour who goes everywhere shoeless while wearing hi vis.

Today the young Wellington musician releases Twins, his second album of weirdly and wonderful psych pop. Imagine Kevin Parker, working on a Grandaddy album surrounded by abstract visual art and paintings and you will get some sense of Kayleb and his friends world.

Recorded in his small apartment come studio with a bunch of creative friends, the album taps into and adds the charms of Kayleb's home life. Listen closely and you can hear his sister's voice, people talking, and dogs barking.

Read the rest of this article and have a listen to Kayleb's latest on NOISEY.

Kayleb Duckett