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Platon Records Launches With a Lurking, Creeping Minimal House Cut

Berlin-based supergroup Feathered Sun inaugurates Platon with a three-track EP.

by Elissa Stolman
19 February 2014, 2:32am

You probably haven't heard of Platon Records yet. I don't mean that in a bitchy hipster way, it's just a fact—after all, the label hasn't even released its first record yet. That's coming March 5, in the form of a three-track EP from the house-y supergroup Feathered Sun, a collective made up of Berlin producers NU, Jo.Ke, Raz Ohara, Chris Schwarzwaelder, and vocalist Iannis Ritter. Ahead of the scheduled release date—and before the baby imprint has even set up its Discogs page—we bring you "Me and My Entourage," the final track from the group's forthcoming 12". It's a lurker and a creeper with a rubbery little beat, aloof energy, and a tinny vocal that sporadically emits sassy phrases like "I don't see why you're bitching" and "I want cocaine and champagne for me and my entourage."

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