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Here's How to Remember Your Summer Holidays Better

Making memories that last without permanently inking them onto your skin.

by VICE Staff
07 March 2016, 12:00am

Jumping off stuff is a quintessential part of summer. Capture the moment. Photo via

The last warm days of the year are numbered and uni has kicked off again. This means we've got some serious summer-ing to do over the next few weeks: beaches to visit, tan lines to get rid of etc. Here's how to make those final summer memories, and how not to be a jerk about it.

Take Decent Photos

Don't take your five kilo DSLR to the beach; you're not a birdwatcher. A Polaroid is fine—as long as you don't say anything about the "authentic nature of film." I would throw sand at you. Also, ignore people who complain that these days everyone lives behind their phones: it's all good to take some quick phone photos on an especially beautiful day. Hold them close to your heart. In a few years, you can look back at them and remember that you had a great body and weren't always so jaded.

Everything looks better in Polaroid. Photo via

Don't Get a Tattoo in Bali of an Illustration You Found on Tumblr

This may be a permanent reminder of 'the best holiday ever', but that does not make it a good life decision. At least two of your friends are going to show you that exact tattoo when you next run into them. "Yeah, man, it's kind of like this abstract Picasso-style dove to remind me to always be free."

Eat As Many Sausage Sizzles As Possible

If you tell me you don't love the sausage sizzle outside of Bunnings, you're a goddamn liar. Everyone loves a sausage sizzle—even vegans—but they don't really work in winter when the local park turns to a desolate frozen tundra. Have as many sausage sizzles as possible while the sun is still shining. Those sauce stains are the stuff of memories.

A national treasure. Photo via

Go Easy On #TBT

There are people who go on a short holiday then post a throwback photo captioned "take me back" every week for the next six months, eventually pushing you over the precipice of insanity you were already teetering on. Don't push anyone that far. Keep your beach throwbacks to a minimum.

Get Out of the City

In summer, the city becomes one giant pool of sweat and complaints. A road trip is the perfect method to escape when things start looking a little apocalyptic. Plus, you get to take the best part of the city—your friends— with you. Since the great Hollywood buddy movies are about road trips, they are therefore the best way to make lifelong memories with friends. Hollywood wouldn't lie.

Lap up the great outdoors while you can. Photo via

It's Going to End—And That's OK

Summer, like all things, must end. Don't get upset when the temperature takes a turn for the cooler (i.e worse). You probably need a break from those strings of blisteringly hot days anyway. Summer will roll around again surprisingly quickly, and if you get sick of waiting, it's alway sunnier in the other hemisphere.

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