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100% Return With More Of Their Cool Electronic Pop Goodness

Did we just hear a bit of the Go-Betweens at the start of the Brisbane trio's new song?

by Noisey Staff
04 August 2016, 10:19am

Image: Annie Llewellyn

Léna Danger, Chloe Isabelle Baxter and Grace Stevenson are 100%. Since we chatted to them back in 2014, they’ve become one of the most interesting and exciting pop bands in Australia. Fuelled by cocktails, cannoli and cheese, the three-piece have been known to wear gold glo mesh outfits on stage. They’ve also been known to blow people away with their cool electronic pop goodness that combines synth, bass and drum machine.

Today they’ve shared “Lost Youth”, a track from their upcoming 12” that is to be released on excellent Canberra label Moontown Records. Playful and snappy, the song sounds a bit like if Holy Balm were raised in the Sunshine State. We swear the bass line at the very beginning could even have a bit of a Go-Betweens vibe about it.

The band are set to hit Sydney’s VOLUMES festival next weekend but in the meantime get your ears around "Lost Youth".

'You Are 100%’ will be available soon through Moontown Records.