Slim Set’s Latest Greasy Grime Was Created Over a $10 KFC Bucket

"Lazy" is a 140bpm ballad for West Sydney.
20 October 2017, 2:51am

Slim Set are a grime-influenced duo from Western Sydney. Over the last few years MC Dev and DJ Atro have been building some buzz with their hybrid take on music that fucks with grime and club sounds. Their 4-track EP Feed is due later this month and today they drop the video for their new single "Lazy".

Filmed by Western Sydney-based videographer Sejon Im, the video capture the frantic nature of the duo's barked roasts and rhymes. It also shines a light on some of the finest abandoned food courts and underground parking lots of Parramatta and the CBD.

As Dev says, "We wrote the track over a KFC 15 Wicked Wings for $10 deal bucket. Atro was fiddling with this loop and I was getting emo thinking bout how many chickens copped it for this bucket to be in my hands. And if we were making ourselves worse off by eating this much chicken. So we wrote a 140bpm ballad for West Sydney and the world. That's why it opens with "And I think we on the brink, I think...".

This is music that needs to come with a moist hand towelette.