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Occupy Oxford Street: VOLUMES 2017 Delivers

VOLUMES returned with a bunch of bands, three stages, and one crazed night of music.

by Noisey Staff
24 August 2017, 1:28am

Gold Class: Photo: Sam Brumby

Arts and music showcase Volumes Festival returned to Sydney's Oxford Street on Saturday and once again turned Oxford Square into a true music hub/precinct/destination/zone.

We spent most of the night at the Brighton Up Bar where Noisey was hosting a stage that included RVG, Publique, Terry, Orion and electro lord Lucy Cliche, but did manage to scoot across the road (we can tell you that the Oxford Street pedestrian crossing takes exactly 110 seconds to turn green) enough times to catch the likes of Straight Arrows, Jonti, The Ocean Party, Fortunes and others playing at Oxford Art Factory and The Cliff Dive.

Check some of the action below.

Wallace. Photo: Sam Brumby
Gold Class: Photo: Sam Brumby
Body Type. Photo: Sam Brumby
The Ocean Party: Photo: Sam Brumby
The Straight Arrows: Photo: Sam Brumby
Publique. Photo: Sam Whiteside
Brighton Up Bar crowd. Photo: Sam Whiteside
Orion. Photo: Sam Whiteside
Lucy Cliche. Photo: Sam Whiteside