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KFC Comes With Free Maggots Now

A guy in NSW said he found the maggots after taking a bite and thinking it tasted like tinfoil.
27 March 2018, 12:22am
Photo and video via Storyful

KFC isn’t a food, it’s an attitude. It’s about not giving a fuck. It’s a way to let your friends and family know that you—a legend—don’t give a fuck. Remember that time McDonald’s introduced a healthy choice menu, and KFC were all like, “Yeah, whatever,” and released a burger with two chunks of chicken instead of bread? Remember that? That was KFC saying, “We know you don’t give a fuck and we love each and every one of you.”

Well, fast forward a few years and maybe KFC just discovered the limits of people not giving a fuck. Because a builder bought a piece of original recipe chicken from a northern NSW store and found it full of maggots, and he gave a fuck.

The guy, Martyn Bates, posted the video to Facebook with this caption: “If this doesn’t put you off KFC nothing will....this came with extra wiggly things. I’d just taken a bite and it tasted funny.”

According to the Gold Coast Bulletin, Martyn bought three pieces of chicken about 3PM, ate one, and then tucked the remaining two back in the box, which he kept in a flexible cooler in a car. It was when he went back to eat the other two pieces at about 9PM that he found the maggots.

“It was like when you bite on tinfoil, it had a really strange taste,” he told reporter Amanda Robbemond. “I was so disgusted I ended up gargling half a bottle of Listerine.”

Now, it’s worth pointing out that yes, there was a gap of six hours between Martyn buying and eating the chicken. That’s plenty of time for flies to do their thing, which is exactly what a KFC spokesperson told the Bulletin.

“We have spoken to the customer in detail about his complaint,” a spokesman said. “We have explained why it is unlikely this situation happened in our restaurant pre-purchase.”

They claim this was the reason that Martyn received nothing but a terse “sorry” and a $20 voucher to buy some more chicken.

And the basic reason KFC denies responsibility is that they fry their chicken in 200-degree oil under pressure for eight minutes, which maggots wouldn't survive. Then it’s stored at over 40 degrees, which is too hot for flies to lay eggs.


Google the words “KFC” and “maggots” and you’ll find a few news stories from around the globe, all accusing the chain of selling maggoty chicken. There’s this one from January, this one November 2017, and this one from October 2016.

So maybe this is just the fourth case of dumbass customers buying chicken and then eating it in a very non-refrigerated format several hours later. Or maybe KFC needs to give more of a fuck. Either way, gross.