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GoldLink Rules and So Does "Frontin'," So Both Together Is Awesome

GoldLink covered the classic Pharrell track for triple j's Like a Version series.

by Lauren O'Neill
25 March 2018, 10:11pm

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There are two facts:

1) GoldLink is extremely good.

2) "Frontin'" by Pharrell is extremely good.

And thus, by putting the two things together, a wonderful artefact is born into the world. Behold, at the top of this page: GoldLink covering Pharrell's "Frontin'" for triple j's Like a Version covers series. Watch it above and marvel.

With GoldLink's distinctive vocal tying the performance together, he's joined by backing vocalists and a live band to bring a little bit of summer into the Like a Version studio. It's sunny, bright, and incorporates a wildly underrated instrument: the flute. I defy you not to want to dance.

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