Glorious Photos of Everyone Dressed as Cher to See Cher

The 73-year-old legend played in London on Sunday night, to a crowd that largely resembled herself.
23 October 2019, 3:11am
Cher Dressed Up Lookalike Costume the O2 VICE Leather
All photography by Heather Glazzard

Imagine you are performing at London's O2 arena. Now imagine you are 73 years old and have been performing for well over five decades. Now imagine you look out into the crowd, hoping to see all your fans bathed in neon strobe lighting. But instead of seeing them, what you actually see are thousands and thousands of versions of yourself. Not just what you look like now, but what you looked like in your sixties, your fifties, your forties, thirties and twenties. All your hair styles. Multiple iterations of leather jacket. And lots and lots of fishnet stockings.

That's probably how Cher felt on Sunday night when she played a packed-out arena concert to a crowd that I overheard one drag queen in the row behind me describe as "the gays and greys” ("I could feasibly be described as both?”). The show was phenomenal, obviously – it's Cher – but half the fun was seeing what everyone was wearing. Which as it turns out, was a lot of Cher costumes. And because Cher's been performing for so long, there were endless eras and outfits to pay homage to – from her 1980s high-wasted pants and leather look, to her chintzy, golden-haired Vegas residency look.

Luckily we sent a photographer down to capture the whole thing. Here is everyone we saw at Cher dressed as Cher.

@daisythejones / @heather_glazzard

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