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Crucial South Florida Punks Morbid Opera Are Getting Their Music Reissued

Their name may sound like a German metal band but the four-piece were an integral part of the 80s Florida punk scene.

by Tim Scott
19 May 2017, 3:35am

Led by the striking vocals of the late Lisa Hodapp, Morbid Opera were a four-piece from Fort Lauderdale who were an integral part of the South Florida 80s punk scene. Tapping into hardcore's anger they backed it with Lisa's shouty vocals and an offbeat post punk and garage approach that at times sounded like Patti Smith or The Vaselines if they were from the Deep South.

Florida label Vinyl Rites are set to release a collection of the band's songs including their 1983 EP Jesus Loves You - So Give Us Your Money! as well as some previously unreleased tracks.

While bassist Libby Bentley wrote most of the lyrics on the EP, it was Lisa's powerful voice that added an urgent angst to tracks like "Liar" and "Private Prostitute", an amazing song that brings a herky funk to a dark subject.

The collection, put together by Lisa's husband Jeff Hodapp from Florida band Roach Motel, is out June 16 and is an essential piece of 80s US punk rock.

Morbid Opera collection is available June 16 on Vinyl Rites.