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Get Broken By the Fierce Beauty of This RVG Song

Listen to the band perform 'That's All' at Melbourne community radio station PBS.

by Hannah Ballantyne
04 May 2017, 4:39am

Mel Cowan

Australia's community radio stations have long championed local artists by giving voice to often the most underrepresented musical communities. Created for and by the people, beloved Melbourne station PBS is dedicated to providing a platform for new, emerging acts and celebrating independent artists. One of those recents gems is mystifying Melbourne band RVG.

Finessed by frontwoman Romy Vager, RVG (the Romy Vager Group) write tightly wound heartbreakers, and their recent performance at Boogie Festival was truly captivating. From an old Preston bank that has been turned into a creative sharehouse/space Vager write lyrics that have drawn comparisons to the Go Betweens' Robert Forster and Grant McLennan. These are words that will break you.

To celebrate PBS 106.7FM's Radio Festival that takes place from May 15, Noisey have an exclusive premiere of RVG's "That's All", apart of the live Studio 5 Series.

Completely independent and non-for-profit, PBS relies on listener support and subscribers to keep on truckin' on and support emerging artists like RVG.

Listen below to the live track and feel your heart slowly break. If you want to take that One Small Step from being a listener to being a member and keep PBS circling the sun, sign up online here to join the community.

PBS Radio Festival 2017: One Small Step, May 15-May 28 2017

Image: Mel Cowan