3D Sculptor Brings Victorian Fantasy Figures to Life

Danny Van Ryswyk creates surreal, lifelike artworks, with the aid of 3D software.

by Nicole Walsh
02 August 2015, 5:15pm

Digital painter and sculptor Danny Van Ryswyk creates surreal, lifelike sculptures, with the aid of 3D software. Once a freelance illustrator, the artist has spent the past five years crafting macabre models of the Tim Burton variety, dripping with death and plunging Victorian necklines. As he describes to The Creators Project, his works are a "fuse of dream and imaginary with a distinctly paranormal bent [with] moody and contemplative characters, often with dark themes and settings.” 

Sculpting with 3D high poly sculpting software, Danny is able attain concentrated and minute detailing on his figurines. "As an artist it allows me to work with objects as if they were made of clay and sculpt them in utmost detail," he explains. "This gives me unlimited freedom to create whatever I have in mind.” In fact, at the inception of each new work, the artist begins in tabula rasa: “I never make a sketch so nothing is written in stone at this stage," he explains. "I make a mental projection of the idea and work from there." 

Danny’s work is currently on display at Amsterdam gallery, Jaski, and will be shown at the BLOOOM art fair in Cologne from the September 23 through 27. Check out more of his works below:

Tender Loving Darkness figurine.jpgThe Untitled.jpgwork in progress.jpg

For more on Danny Van Ryswyk and his 3D-printed artworks, check out his website.


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