[Books] Taschen Explores the 'Art of Burning Man'

It's definitely a collector's item, so maybe don't burn it?

by Nicole Walsh
09 August 2015, 2:55pm

Embrace, 2014, by Kevan Christiaens, Kelsey Owens, Bill Tubman, Joe Olivier, Matt Schultz and the Pier Group. All images © NK Guy/TASCHEN GmbH

A new coffee-table text celebrates Burning Man in all of its fiery glory: Taschen has teamed up with Canadian writer and photographer, NK Guy, to assemble the Art of Burning Man, a book gathering 16 years of the anything-goes desert festival in 280 pages of stunning photography.

"Baked by the sun, and blinded by dust, the gathering acquires different meanings for different people: Temporary community, spiritual adventure, performance stage, desert rave, social experiment," reads an excerpt from the book. "It’s also the incubator of some of the most remarkable site-specific outdoor art ever made: a mechanized fire-breathing octopus, a towering wooden temple 15 meters tall, and the eponymous Man himself—a skeletal sculpture set ablaze at the event’s conclusion."

Check out some stunning images from Art of Burning Man below: 

The Temple of Transition, 2011, by the International Arts Megacrew

El Pulpo Mecanico, 2014, by Duane Flatmo and Jerry Kunkel

Man Burn, 2013, by The Man: Larry Harvey, Jerry James, Dan Miller, and the ManKrew. Man base: Lewis Zaumeyer and Andrew Johnstone.

Gearhead, 2013, by Steve Hall and Becky Stillwell

Cupcake Cars, 2006, by Lisa Pongrace, Greg Solberg and the Acme Muffineering team.

Art of Burning Man is set to be released in August 2015 and will be available to buy from all of Taschen’s stores. To learn more about the book, click here


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El Pulpo Mecanico
Burning Man 2014
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Acme Muffineering team
Cupcake Cars
International Arts Megacrew
NK Guy
The Art of Burning Man
The Temple of Transition
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