Watch Bespin’s Hypnotic Video That Features Loincloths and a Blood-Tub

Apparently running through a forest in your jocks all night can take a toll.
23 August 2017, 8:44am

Bespin's Jonathan Lee says that the band's hypnotic new video for "East of Her" was inspired by a vivid and dark dream. Rather a blackish nightmare that resulted in Lee clad in a loincloth. "It ended up being quite affronting and altogether "too close for comfort" which is pretty much what we were shooting for."

He says that the marathon and physical shoot involved him running through a forest for a full night. "I was dragged around the next day, had to free-fioat in a pool for hours, and we finished with the blood-tub. It was a surreal and beautiful blur."'

Led by songwriter Lee (known for his work with Cut Off Your Hands), the Auckland band, who won the 2015 New Zealand Music Awards, are heading to Brisbane next month for a series of shows as part of BIGSOUND.

Watch the video and check the dates below.

Catch Bespin at these BIGSOUND shows:
Sep 6 at the Zoo
Sep 7 at The Brightside
Sep 7 at Leftys