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No Sister's Reflective Post Punk is Best Served Chilled

Watch the video for "Non-Contest" that continues their exploration of cold and stark pop writing

by Noisey Staff
08 November 2017, 1:14am

Mino Peric and Tiarney Miekus formed post punk outfit No Sister in Brisbane in 2013. After moving to Melbourne in 2015 the pair teamed up with drummer Murray Coggan and recently fellow Brisbanite Josh Watson joined as bassist (with bassist Siahn Davis featuring on the group's upcoming release).They still get compared to Sonic Youth.

Following a self-titled debt album and a split cassette with Bitumen, No Sister are now set to release The Second Floor, a new album of brooding and tense guitar work.

Today they share the video for "Non-Contest" a track that continues their exploration of cold and stark pop writing. Before the band head out on the road to launch The Second Floor we sent Tiarney some questions.

Noisey: You've been going for a while now. Why the move to Melbourne?

Tiarney Miekus: Part of the move had to do with study opportunities and the lure of a bigger city, but also No Sister had been around for two years at this point and I guess we felt Melbourne may be more suited to us musically. And there was the added bonus that Murray, our drummer, had already been living here and we'd played music with him beforehand in Brisbane and knew we worked well together.

Mirrors seem to be a recurring motif in your imagery. Is there any reason behind this?

I never fully realised this but I suppose it's true. I think we like the ideas of fracturing and assemblage, and I hope that comes out in a bunch of ways, not just mirrors. Plus I guess it's also a subconscious homage to Black Flag. There's also a photo of us holding mirrors and reflecting each other's faces, but there's nothing too fancy happening here - it's just a reenactment of a photo that's on the back cover of Cheap Trick's One On One.

Besides 'Sonic Youth' what other words do you find keep appearing in your reviews?

'Early Sonic Youth'. They're really the only band we get compared to, or people make romantic connections with No Wave. Sometimes This Heat crops up but I think that's largely because we have a song called This Heat and not because we are a rhythm machine.

Melbourne is a good city for a band but even then you end up playing with likeminded bands and audiences. Does supporting Scientists and Downtown Boys help you?

I've never found it monotonous playing around Melbourne and it's been so nice to meet and play alongside likeminded people. Plus I'm not sure many people around Melbourne really know us. Supporting big bands is always a really good opportunity. The Downtown Boys show isn't till later in the year, but opening for (and meeting) The Scientists was great.

'The Second Floor' is available Nov 14 through Bandcamp.

No Sister album launches:
Nov 17 - Melbourne at The Tote
Nov 19 - Melbourne at Record Paradise
Nov 23 - Brisbane at The Foundry
Nov 24 - Brisbane at TYM Guitars
Nov 25 - Hobart at The Brisbane