You Can Now Anonymously Send Anyone a Chocolate Dick

It'll arrive in a discreet box with the words “EAT A DICK” stamped on the lid.

by Jelisa Castrodale
26 March 2019, 6:43am

Photo via Dick at Your Door

This article originally appeared on Munchies in the US.

Has your downstairs neighbor watched Bohemian Rhapsody at least four times at AN UNHOLY DECIBEL LEVEL this week? Did a security guard escort you from your last office job before you could tell your boss what you really thought? Did a fish-deprived man in business class delay your flight for five hours? Send them a dick! A company called Dick At Your Door lets you anonymously send a milk chocolate or chocolate-filled penis to the recipient of your choice, on the occasion of your choice, and it arrives in a discreet box with the words “EAT A DICK” stamped on the inside lid.

“If you have any doubt that sending a product from this site could potentially harm someone, do not place an order,” the company advises. “It is your responsibility to use this site as it was intended, as a joke.” Yeah, well, it’s my neighbor’s responsibility to know what the volume button is.