It's Been Exactly One Year Since Travis Scott Fell In a Hole

The greatest #TBT of all.
01 February 2018, 10:03pm

Today marks a lot of good occasions: it's February 1, so it means that January, known colloquially as the Giant Hell Month, is finally over, and it also means the start of Black History Month. Lastly, it means we commemorate an important anniversary: it is one year to the day since Travis Scott fell in a hole.

Picture it: you are watching a Drake concert at London's famous O2 Arena. It is February 1 2017. You are enjoying the show. Travis Scott comes onstage, joining Drake and Young Thug! Pretty cool, huh? About to enjoy some collaborative performances! But wait. What is Travis doing? Where has he gone?

Travis fell in a hole. On the stage. And Drake had to rescue him.

There is a a video reminder above if somehow this is not burned onto your retinas.

As someone who Was There, I am asked a lot about my experience of seeing Travis Scott fall in the hole. Honestly it was sort of weird. I didn't really know what happened until a second later when Drake was dragging him back up. The video is better if you are looking for lols. It should also be noted that Travis Scott, during his fall, broke an important part of Drake's stage set which meant that the show's climax didn't take place properly. Drake said everyone would get refunds. *Can I speak to the manager? voice* I would like to point out that so far nobody has gotten a refund.

Anyway, happy anniversary everyone, on this joyful day when we remember Travis, and the hole—which in many ways, symbolise humans (Travis) and the many obstacles we face in life (hole)—and we are grateful.

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This article originally appeared on Noisey US.