Sheila E. Seems to Have Talked Justin Timberlake Out of That Prince Hologram

"Prince told me don’t ever let anyone do a hologram of me," Sheila E. wrote on Twitter, before apparently having a chat with Timberlake himself.
05 February 2018, 2:32am
Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic / Getty Images

Justin Timberlake has reportedly scrapped plans to perform alongside a hologram of the late Prince Rogers Nelson during the halftime show at today's Super Bowl. The decision seems to have come after Shelia E., Prince's close friend and collaborator, told Timberlake that the hologram was a fucking horrible idea.

Responding on Twitter to a TMZ report about the hologram yesterday afternoon, the artist born Sheila Escovedo wrote that Prince would have hated the hologram. “Prince told me don’t ever let anyone do a hologram of me,” she wrote. “Not cool if this happens!”

Eight hours later, Escovedo had seemingly sorted the whole mess out. "Family, I spoke w/Justin 2nite and he shared heartfelt words of respect for Prince & the Purple fans," she wrote. "I look 4wrd 2 seeing what I’m sure is going 2 be a spectacular halftime show. There is no hologram."

Anyone hoping that Timberlake might fill those now-empty hologram minutes with a long-rumoured Janet Jackson collaboration can finally give into disappointment, too. Jackson issued a statement yesterday, confirming TMZ's report that she wouldn't be appearing onstage at the US Bank Arena Minneapolis. "To put to rest any speculation or rumours as to whether I will be performing at the Super Bowl tomorrow; I will not," Jackson said in a statement on Saturday. "Thank you for your support and I do look forward to seeing you all very soon."

With this all cleared up, we can all focus on the important sports matchup taking place this afternoon. Puppy Bowl XIV is on Animal Planet at 3 PM EST.

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