Liquid Wood? That's What This Stop-Motion Animation Looks Like

'WoodSwimmer,' by Brett Foxwell, looks like a timelapse but was made by hand.
19 June 2017, 12:25am

This rhythmic stop-motion short, WoodSwimmer, was made by shaving countless layers from wood blocks, branches, and logs and capturing the natural patterns underneath. The result looks like it could be a timelapse of microbial growth, or footage of a strange alien liquid being poured into a reservoir.

The filmmaker, B. Foxwell, spent 10 years on a film called Fabricated exploring the materiality of metal, and has now moved on to wood. Each frame is microscopically different from the last, animating waves of wood grain with such smoothness that they look like water, hence the title.

"I became fascinated with the possibilities of a sci-fi world based on the alien forms to be found within this material that grows all around us," he writes on his website. "While brainstorming this world, I came upon the concept of the WoodSwimmer. This is a deep scan of both the material of wood and the time embedded in its structure."

After shooting in a laborious process, Foxwell turned to animator and musician Bedtimes to edit the video and produce the creeping, mechanical soundtrack bedding the piece.

Watch WoodSwimmer below.

Click here to visit Brett Foxwell's website.


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