Enter a Digital Portal Through a Virtual Door Installation

This is not a door.

by Beckett Mufson
10 February 2016, 9:25pm

GIF and screencap via

This is not a door. It looks like a door, but on the other side is a surreal expanse of gridded white lines, which morph into a pixelated mountainside, then a tunnel made of static. Approach the door, and you'll find it impossible to go through. The other side seems inviting, but it doesn't exist.

This is an installation called DOORS by creation studio THÉORIZ. There is no other side because the doorframe is occupied by a screen running custom software that computes the viewer's perspective and changes what they see to match. It's like having a giant slice of a VR headset right in front of you. Further sucking you into the illusion is special four-channel spatialised sound, which essentially makes you hear in 3D. As we've seen with VR headsets, trick the eye and the ear, and you've already done half the work necessary for tricking the mind. The only thing left is to design believable content.

THÉORIZ's work ranges from high tech designs for normal things like pool tables to massive projection mapping performances on the sides of buildings. This work represents an experiment, "with the feeling of perception and infinite space," they write in the video's description. Watch the experimental work come to life below:

DOORS, between reality and virtuality from THÉORIZ on Vimeo.

Click here to see more from Théoriz. 


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