Engraved Movie Posters Are a Sci-Fi Dream Come True

Engraver's Dungeon immortalises 'The Walking Dead,' Groot, and more in wood.

by Anya Tchoupakov
20 October 2015, 3:55pm

The Dark Side Opera. Images courtesy the artists

Engraver’s Dungeon is every sci-fi and nature nerd’s dream. They are a group of graphic designers and engineers who are “passionate about sci-fi, space, physics, and horror movies,” and have subsequently taught themselves the intricate art of wood engraving. Combined with computer graphic skills, the results are unique quality pine wood engravings of unforgettable movie and TV characters including those from The Walking Dead, Alien, and Pan's Labyrinth. It's a sophisticated and understated blend of the old and new, the natural and scientific, and basically they belong on your wall. 

Check out works from Engraver’s Dungeon below:


Batman Vs. Superman




The Pale Man


The Walking Dead


Ellen Ripley

Click here to visit about Engraver's Dungeon's website. 


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