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Watch an Appropriately Creepy Teaser for the New Season of 'House of Cards'

Season five will drop May 30 on Netflix.

by Brian Moylan
20 January 2017, 10:13pm

Leave it to Netflix and House of Cards to turn a bunch of kids saying the pledge of allegiance into something that you might see in a horror movie.

On Friday, the streaming site dropped the first teaser trailer for the fifth season of House of Cards, just in time for Trump's inauguration, and it's appropriately creepy as hell. The short clip doesn't have any footage from the new season—instead, it slowly zooms out of an American flag flapping upside down on a pole while the aforementioned creepy kids recite the pledge, before ending with the announcement that season five will drop May 30.

While the upside down flag has been the series's logo since it launched as Netflix's first original series in 2013, the symbolism—especially in such a bleak atmosphere—has an entirely different resonance today. It also comes with the tagline "we make the terror."

Season four of House of Cards saw Frank Underwood sending America's military to war with Islamic terrorists around the world after a terror group called the ISO kidnapped an American family. Terror is on the horizon for Underwood and the citizens of his America going into the election season, but hopefully things won't be as incredibly bleak in this fictional political horror as they are in reality.

Though the show's creator, Beau Willimon, has been vocal about his opposition to a Trump presidency, he's still hopeful for the country.

"There are times we moved backward," Willimon recently told the Wrap. "But we always end up in the long term moving forward, improving, involving, and perfecting our democracy. We've moved backward right now… but in the long story that is America we will overcome that, we will move beyond that, and our country will be a better place."

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