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Adventurous Shoppers Decided to Ride Horses Through a Texas Walmart

And one of them caught the whole thing on camera.

by Drew Schwartz
22 March 2017, 12:52am

On Sunday, video surfaced of what was perhaps one of the most Texas things to have ever happened at a Walmart: Two guys decided to ride their horses through a local Houston store, leaving shoppers and security guards awestruck in the aisles.

In the video, which was posted on Facebook by Woody Fields, he and his cohort repeat the phrases "we is in Wally World" and "low prices, baby" over and over again as their horses trot through the aisles. Children cry out in glee, while other, more fragile humans get kind of freaked out and run away. Once outside, Fields and his friend meet another guy on horseback.

The incident made the local news, and Fields was soon inundated with a horde of interview requests. He told local outlet KPRC Houston that he and his pals were simply looking for a good time.

"I wasn't trying to hurt nobody, or do anything destructive," Fields said. "It was just, like, you only live once, you know? That's all."

Walmart, however, was very uncool about the incident and released a statement condemning the "reckless stunt" as potentially dangerous, though the company doesn't have a policy in place to prevent it. The Houston Humane Society also got a line in, saying that "at minimum, riding a horse inside a store is incredibly irresponsible" and that Fields probably stressed the animal out.

Fields's stunt follows a similar incident back in June 2016, when a mysterious stud on horseback lassoed a bike thief in—of all places—a Walmart parking lot. Two months later, a Texan by the name of Lathan Crump rode his horse inside a Taco Bell after finishing a tie-down calf-roping competition. Unlike Fields, though, those other urban cowboys didn't manage to capture a first-person video of their escapades.

"Just call me the renegade," Fields said in another Facebook video. "Walmart renegade, baby."

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