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Benoit & Sergio Discuss Allegations of Subliminal Satanic Messages in "That's the Party Talking"

Okay, fine, we might be the only ones alleging it, but we swear this track made us do bad things.

by Jemayel Khawaja
24 November 2014, 11:28pm

Almost 30 years ago, metal band Judas Priest found themselves embroiled in a legal proceedings after allegations that subliminal messages in their music drove two Nevada teens to insanity. Benoit & Sergio's new EP That's the Party Talking may land the classy-dance duo in a similar situation, as we're pretty sure it's subtly imploring us to do drugs and other bad things.

The duo themselves are inclined to disagree, probably because the Devil told them to. "No. there's none of that," laughs Benoit. "We just found this magical little vocal loop on the "ecstasy" and it just sounded so good that we wanted to build a track around it. Nothing more than that, it was just a good take."

Decide for yourself. Brb, tho, gonna start a church fire. Listen to the track in the meantime.

It turns out that the vocals in the track aren't actually sampled from elsewhere at all. It's all vocals from the duo themselves. Benoit explains, "It's all my vocal samples. We just cut 'em up and pitched them down to make it sound a bit weirder. The cut up sample is my voice with a crazy side chain from the bass, so it bounces with the bass."

After releasing on the likes of DFA, Hot Creations, and Visionquest, the duo landed once again on LA's Culprit, home to the likes of Droog, MANIK, and Adriatique, to name a few. The EP's three tracks maintain the duo's impressive consistency and style. At this point, churning out undeniable little EP's is just to be expected of them, but they're not about to shack up with just one label forever. "I think, for us, it's more about working with people who we respect and people who are on a similar vibe. I don't think we ever sit down and think about how to write a song for a particular label."

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