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Story From South America

We teamed up with Garrett Davis, the creator of 'Story From North America' to bring you the long awaited sequel to the classic animation.

by VICE Staff
05 August 2015, 5:00pm

ADHD teamed up with Garrett Davis, the creator of Story From North America, to bring you the long-awaited sequel to the classic animated short. This time, the Dad and his son are working as guards at an animal prison and are faced with yet another ethical dilemma when a gang of evil monkeys breaks in to bust out their friends.

Writer: Garrett Davis
Storyboard Director: Garrett Davis
Music/Composition: Garrett Davis
Voice Talent: Garrett Davis
Animation: Garrett Davis, Sean Glaze/LordSpew, Matt Marblo, Nicky Rojo, Chris Cornwell, Jay Hasrajani, Chris Ybarra
Design: Garrett Davis, Hyojin Bae, Jenessa Warren, Jiyoon Shin, Nicky Rojo, Chris Ybarra
Editor: Nick Reczynski

story from north america
story from south america
Garrett Davis