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This Guy Drove His Car into the Living Room to Keep It Safe from Hurricane Matthew

At least if the power went out, he could just switch on the car's headlights.

by Mike Pearl
08 October 2016, 12:00am

Hurricane Matthew is a record-breaking storm that devastated Haiti before it touched down late Thursday night, traveling north up the east coast of Florida and causing a still unknown amount of horror. About 1.5 million people were warned to evacuate. Some of those people, inevitably, decided not to listen, figuring they'd be fine.

But while these non-evacuating Floridians assumed they'd be OK in the safety of their homes, the same might not be true for their cars—so one guy decided to drive his cherished Toyota Venza right into his living room to protect it from the elements.

According to ABC News, the Venza in the tweet above belongs to a 55-year-old Miami woman identified only as Adriana, who showed up at her fiancé Gary's house in a voluntary evacuation zone. Unfortunately, Gary only had a one-car garage, meaning Adriana's would have to sit in the driveway, where—much like Gary and Adriana—it could have been smashed by a wind-swept palm tree or something when the storm came.

So instead of relocating the car to relative safety in western Florida, Gary just removed his sliding glass door, laid down two steel ramps, rearranged the contents of his house, and drove Adriana's car into the middle of his home.

"It was kind of crazy, but it worked perfectly," Adriana told ABC.

Hurricane Matthew left more than a million people without power on Friday, and there's no report yet on damage to Gary's house. At least if Gary's power went out, he and Adriana would have been able to just switch on the headlights, which is convenient.

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