Bugg's 90s Alt-Rock Revivalism Is Big on Melody and Fuzz

Listen to a track from the Bloomington band's upcoming album on Pop Wig records.
23 October 2017, 3:13am

"All of our favorite records are 90s rock records", explains Bugg's singer/guitarist Kora Puckett "The Lemonheads, Veruca Salt, Juliana Hatfield, shit like that. It's a big reason we sound the way we do."

Following a well received demo, the self-described 90s alt revivalists from Bloomington, Indiana are now releasing a record on Pop Wig. Puckett and Justin Hatton, who both play in the hardcore band Laffing Gas, produce a music that is big on fuzzy guitars and loud melody with a lacksadaiscal shrugged-shoulder-feel of 90s rock. They sound like a band you'd find in the pages of Alternative Press in 1993.

Take a listen to the track "Bleached" below and read some words from Kora below.

Noisey: What's the inspiration behind "Bleached"?
Kora Puckett: It's one of the first Bugg songs I wrote. It's a pretty juvenile anti-authority track. It's also the first song on the record. I wanted to open it up with a rocker and I think this one does the trick.

Were you surprised about the reaction to the demo?
It was kind of weird how people sort of got into it like a year after we made it. At that point I was already tired of dubbing the tapes in my room and writing "bugg" on each one with a paint marker. The project wasn't really my main thing when it started, but I guess that's changed. There are a lot of those demos out there. I'm excited to get this record out so people will stop asking me to dub them copies.

What's the best thing about living in Bloomington in 2017?
For a city of our size it's crazy how many great bands there are who are really going for it. Shout out The Cowboys, Nice Try, Jacky Boy, Open Sex, Clue, seriously so many. And my rent is dirt cheap so I can tour all I want and spend a lot of time making music.

Are you still covering The Breeders' "Divine Hammer"?
We haven't done that one in a long time. It's probably my favorite Breeders song, though. Amazing group.

The Bugg album is out in December on Pop Wig.