Ptwiggs' Existential Dance Music Is Soothing and Surreal

Listen to a track from the Sydney producer's debut EP.

by Noisey Staff
26 September 2017, 3:04am

Image: Deep Seeded Records

Sydney producer ptwiggs creates experimental and texturally dense sound that feels like lying in a floatation tank after eating two bags of Skittles. It's calm but also rushing.

The musical project for Phoebe Twigg, ptwiggs' debut EP Purge contains six tracks of lush and existential dance music. It will be available October 16 on Deep Seeded, the label co-operated by fellow Sydney producer Hannah Lockwood.

Phoebe says that she finds "YYYY" (that you can listen to below) to be the most peaceful track on Purge. "The vocal serves as a type of inner dialogue and the continuous aggressive waves represent internal struggles, the percussion and pads add a calm pulse to the song, everything combined feels disruptive though harmonious," she explains via email.

'Purge' is available Oct 16 though Deep Seeded records.