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Someone Is Skywriting Another 'No,' This Time Above Melbourne

Turns out, you can skywrite in block letters.

by VICE Staff
10 October 2017, 2:12am

Melburnians have spotted "No" being written in the sky above the city on Tuesday afternoon. The skywriting, hovering over South Yarra, echoes a similar "Vote No" message that appeared above Sydney last month. In the Sydney case, it was revealed the skywriter had been hired by Kat Klayton of Canberra, a campaigner against the Safe Schools program. Klayton had used the crowdfunding site GoFundMe to raise $4,000 to cover the costs of the stunt. GoFundMe ended up freezing the her fundraiser, when news broke about the "Vote No" over Sydney.

Locals were mostly shocked by the fact you can apparently skywrite block letters, although others were unimpressed by the finished result:

More as this story develops.