Watch Two Sneak Peeks from This Week's 'VICE' on HBO Episode

This week, we investigate GMOs and then head to India to learn more about the country's clean water crisis.

by VICE Staff
07 May 2015, 5:00pm

So far this season, VICE has investigated climate change, police militarization, dangerous legal highs, and more. This week, we'll be taking a look at genetically modified seeds and how these GMOs are both hailed as a solution to global hunger and denounced by activists worldwide. Host Isobel Yeung traces the path of these super-crops from the headquarters of American agribusiness titan Monsanto to the soy fields of Paraguay and visits the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, high in the Arctic, to see what's truly at stake when humans try to improve on nature.

Then we head to India. The country is the largest democracy on Earth with an advanced economy, a highly educated population, and cutting-edge space and nuclear weapons programs—but like many nations, India hasn't been able to provide adequate clean water and sanitation systems for its growing population. Open defecation is widespread, and about 80 percent of sewage in India's cities flows directly into vital waterways like the Ganges. Tania Rashid went there to see just how bad the problem is, and why water is such a pressing issue around the globe.

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