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Brando’s Island Return With More Venomous, Twisted and Original New Wave Punk

One of Australia’s best and most under-appreciated bands are set to release their third seven-inch.

by Tim Scott
03 September 2016, 3:18am

Image: Sigourney Ormston

Just as Melbourne prepares for another season of people gathering around televisions, drinking beer and yelling at people kicking balls and whipping horses, one of the city’s best and most interesting bands have re-emerged from the atolls of French Polynesia.

Later this week, Brando’s Island, will release their third 7” record of new wave and adventurous synth punk on vocalist, Richard Costa's, Million Dollar Records imprint. It promises to be more venomous, twisted and truly original music

Listen to the A-side below which according to the Million Dollar Records website, “veers askew, pitting the trademark jaunty rhythms of an SH-2 and vibraphone. Think Arto Lindsay’s Ambitious Lovers ripped apart by boisterous bass-heavy drumming and a cathartic, Australian tongue.”

As the song lurches forward Costa gets more animated as he urges to “cease communication” and sings about “agents in the shadows”. Somehow he manages to sound both paranoid and detached as the vibraphone, synth and drums add a menacing darkness.

This is sure to be an excellent release.

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