The International Church of Cannabis Has an Incredible Rainbow Mural

Spanish muralist Okuda San Miguel and Kenny Scharf brought their signature panache to Denver's new weed church.

by Beckett Mufson
30 April 2017, 5:50am

Photos by Daniel Weintraub. Images courtesy the artist

On 4/20, a group of devoted Denverites opened The Church of Cannabis, a sacred space for smoking the state's 100% legal weed. In a bid to make the most pleasant and spiritually activating shrine possible, they enlisted artists Okuda San Miguel and Kenny Scharf to deck the walls with rainbows, which you can check out in detail in the images and video below.

Members of the Church of Cannabis identify as Elevationists, a practice in which they, "use the sacred flower to reveal the best version of self, discover a creative voice and enrich their community with the fruits of that creativity," according to the Church's official website. They are currently raising money on Indiegogo to bring their building up to code, but their current digs in a building older than the city of Las Vegas, has been given a personal touch by the two artists.

Take a peek, then puff puff pass it along:

See more of Okuda San Miguel's work here and Kenny Scharf's work here.


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