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60 Eclectic Street Pianos Ask to Be Played Throughout Boston

A pack of artist-decorated pianos turns Boston into a public concert hall.

by Diana Shi
12 September 2016, 3:25pm

John Provenzano, All photos: © Robert Torres for Celebrity Series of Boston. All images courtesy Celebrity Series of Boston

Sixty pianos, painted in full regalia by 60 artists, will flood the streets of Boston and nearby Cambridge when the instruments make their debut as playable art late-September.

Beckoning for passersby to “Play Me, I’m Yours,” the street-wise pianos are outfitted with each artist’s original design and aesthetic. All of the artists applied for the opportunity to decorate a piano, and most of this year’s contributors are new to the project. The creatives hail from a plethora of different disciplines and experience levels, and many have other professions besides creating art. An editorial assistant at a local publication contributes a piece; while a professor of chemistry runs with the unconventional opportunity to embellish a piano.

Howie Green

Jeanette Staley

Karyn Alzayer

The Street Pianos Boston series is production of Celebrity Series of Boston, an organization which brings art and performance to the community.

Watch a short montage of every piano located around Boston:

To find the exact location of each Street Piano, visit the project’s website. The pianos will be on view and available to the public September 23–October 10, 2016.


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