Your Future-Self Emerges Through a Digital Looking Glass

The lines between reality and reflection blur in digital artists Serge Maheu and Norsola Johnson's interactive digital mirror.

by Sami Emory
19 April 2015, 1:30pm

Screencaps and GIFs by the author, via

Reflectivism from Serge Maheu on Vimeo.

A frenetic circuitry of lights and sounds reveals your digitally deconstructed reflection in the audiovisual installation, Reflectivism. Co-produced by artists Serge Maheu and Norsola Johnson, the project acts as a virtual looking glass composed of mirrors, projections, glitches and drone audio. Scattered across Reflectivism’s interactive screen, viewers transform into a staticky display of shooting lights and reactive audio feedback.

In project's description in the video documentation above, Maheu elaborates on his and Johnson’s concept behind Reflectivism: “In this age of digital manipulation, avatars and virtual representations, it has become increasingly difficult to differentiate between the real and the simulated, the simulacra and the simulacrum... Reduced to pixels and imaginary realities, identity crises have given way to identity myths. The concepts of personhood and identity are today more vague and intangible than ever.” Above, watch Reflectivism in action, and visit Serge Maheu and Norsola Johnson's websites for more.


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