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Five Things You Should Know About Toyboy & Robin's Remix of K. Michelle's "Love Em All"

AKA 'Toyboy & Robin's Remix of K. Michelle's
21 February 2015, 2:45am

It's too close to the weekend for our brains to process in-depth analysis about why the remix streaming above is awesome, so let me break it down for you all:

1. If you're still at work, or school, or Chipotle, be careful when hitting play on this little beasty remix, because your thirst for the weekend will be apparent. You may start shedding your clothes, answering "B" to every question on that multiple-choice exam in rapid-fire style, or, sweating profusely in your burrito bowl.

2. The sounds contained in said remix will create a swirly feeling in your brain-mostly due to its medly of swarming bass, echoing synths, and warped vocals from K. Michelle. So if you're driving you should also be careful. Then again, if you're driving you shouldn't be on your cell phone reading this! Seriously, pay attention because you just missed your exit. Also, put out that damn joint!

3. The remix is part of a two-song package that will be available on iTunes March 3. Also, K is currently on her "My Twisted Mind" tour, which you can obtain tickets to by clicking this link.

3A- Does anyone know a good place to get soup-dumplings?

4. London-duo Toyboy & Robin currently rep the Cool Kid Music label who is putting out tunes from some of the best up and coming electronic acts of the moment. People like Werkha, David Marston, Salute, and TCTS.

5. According to an accredited physician whose name I was asked not to share, listening to this remix will make you impervious to Poison Ivy. I know, I don't get it either.
? Well, that's about it. Thanks for your time.

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