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Some Students Got Two Rats to Play Synthesisers and It Sounds Weirdly Beautiful

The ASU students devised the experiment to change perceptions about rodents.

by THUMP Staff
05 January 2016, 11:36pm

Photo via Wikipedia.

Along with every other music focussed website on the internet, we have spent the last couple of weeks shifting from "here's everything great about last year" mode into "here's everything we want to see this year" mode. Part of that means keeping our eyes peeled for exciting new artists, and being open to the possibility that the most exciting music might come from the most unlikely of places. In this case, actual rats.

In an attempt to change people's perceptions about rodents, some students from Arizona State University carried out an experiment that allowed rats to interact with iPads at the bottom of their cages. The resulting project, titled "Ratsputin", was devised by digital culture students Andrew Sanchez and Jennifer Anderson, and was carried out by Sanchez' pet rats Gus and Izo. You can listen to the track below, in all of its weird and beguiling beauty.

We know who we are pegging as ones to watch in 2016. Gus and Izo: two unimaginably introspective rats. Here's to their future.

Story via FACT.