Love and Violence and Smoke and Mirrors on the new Video for 'What If' from The Kite String Tangle

Brisbane producer asks the big questions and waits for the answers that never come on 'What If'.

Mar 17 2015, 10:35pm

What If? What if things were different? What if you could make them so? It's a powerful start point. It can lead to change, or it can lead you in circles as you endlessly ponder infinite possibilities without acting on any of them. Brisbane producer The Kite String Tangle (aka Danny Harley) is aware of this. He's a deep thinker but also knows how make things happen. His debut EP Vessel was the result of tireless nights and long days crafting a unique blend of electronic and pop styles. "What If" was the provocatively titled second track on the EP, and THUMP is pleased to share the provocative new video that accompanies it. There's love and violence all in potential, coiled and ready for release. Just like the song. Just like life.

THUMP: "What If" is a haunting song, and this video only adds to the suspence. Can you tell us more about the track?
The Kite String Tangle: "What If" is my favorite song from the EP, it's a bit darker and more introspective and I identify with the production of the track more so than the others. It was the only tune on the EP that I didn't start writing on my laptop but rather at a piano. The video complements it nicely and has some really raw and fragile moments that I think give a sense of volatility.

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