Watch Swirling Rorschachs Get Painted Before Your Very Eyes

Canadian artist Annette Labedzki documents her paint-mixing methods in a succession of trance-inducing videos.
26 February 2017, 11:04pm

A big part of the practice before artists place brush to paper, hand to clay, or finger to mouse, is preparing the materials. Vancouver-based painter Annette Labedzki creates a special experience out of her creative pre-rituals by mixing and combining her paints in hypnotic video sequences. Most videos present a perfectly symmetrical image which blends itself from carefully-placed dots to marbleized wonders to fully blended shades. Labedzki, an abstract painter, does not necessarily show herself using each mixture in her paintings, but she frequently displays her finished canvases on Instagram. Though it may not be the most necessary routine to swirl three complimentary shades with a mixer the size of a pinhead, the videos are oddly satisfying.

Labedzki uses a wide range of materials and differently-shaped substances to blend, including fluffy dollops of paint and tiny pools of contrasting acrylics. An extra enticing clip of three colors of glitter mixed with a translucent gel makes for a serene and binge-worthy viewing experience. So there you have it: mixing the stuff to make art can often be art itself.

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