S4U's "Twice" Is the Sound of Your New Favorite Pop Group

It's like someone has retrieved DNA strands from TLC, All Saints, and ice cold 1990s rap production.
25 August 2016, 10:35am

Imagine there's a machine that creates pop groups. Inside it, someone has planted DNA strands from all three members of TLC, the most sublime All Saints track, and a bedrock of 1990s rap production by way of The Pharcyde or Souls of Mischief. The end result? S4U and their debut single "Twice". Honestly, we've never been sent a pop track as seductive and layered as this one, and it's so perfect it must have been born using some sort of super-computer or artificial intelligence. Or, y'know, masterful talent and A&R.

Read what the band have to say about the track below, and scroll down to hear it for yourself: