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We Give Bakermat the Grand Tour of Toronto

From waterside meditation to capacity club shows, Bakermat got the full Toronto treatment.

by Elif Rey
09 April 2015, 10:43pm

All Photos by Elif Rey

Before all these Canadian club nights and festivals, I used to call Holland home. So whenever fellow Dutchies visit Toronto, I'm always so excited. Recently I was invited tag along with Bakermat, his saxophonist Ben, and his manager Thierry while they toured around Toronto before Bakermat's show at The Hoxton.

They're all funny, down-to-earth guys, and true gentlemen. I had an absolute blast with Bakermat and his crew and took a couple pictures along the way.

Luckily it was a perfect day to walk around and explore Toronto.

Enjoying the famous Toronto skyline.

Teach me master, teach me. Ohmmm.

The guys loved Toronto and its people.

Waiting for the driver to take us to The Hoxton.

On our way...checking messages as we go.

I swear I don't really smoke inside...

Good vibes in the basement.

We're sexy and we know it!

Let the show begin.

The crowd is as ready as they'll ever be.

A packed house full of happy faces.

This is my "feeling the music" face.

The sax player, Ben, charming the crowd with his smooth tunes.

Spot the guy having too much fun.

These guys really know how to heat up a party.

Thank you Bakermat for the amazing night and for inviting me along with you to capture it.

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