ON DECK: Henrix

It's like someone stuffed the entire mainstage of Ultra Music Festival into 59 minutes.

Jun 9 2015, 12:21am

Henrix's music screams Miami. Not only does the DJ and producer live in the Floridian mecca of dance music, but his latest single for Thrive Music, "Acid Rave Sex," was actually written as a manifesto of sorts, responding to the Miami local government's brash desire to shutdown Ultra Music Festival back in 2014. Luckily for us all that didn't happen, and Ultra continues to shine as a pinnacle of modern dance culture, as does Henrix's own career.

Evident in the June 3 release of "Acid Rave Sex," as well as his ON DECK mix, Henrix's style (which has been featured on labels like Mixmash, Cr2, and Size to list a few), flaunts the high-octane percussion and synth-driven big-room breakdowns one would experience while losing their shit at the main stage of a festival like Ultra. I.E—listening to this mix is probably the closest you'll get to Ultra-level of madness of a Monday afternoon.

So hit play on this beasty hour-long rundown of anthems, and you'll be feeling like its 5PM at Bayfront Park in no time. Selfie sticks still prohibited though, sorry guys.

Henrix is on Facebook // Soundcloud

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