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16 #SongsToMakeLoveTo You Haven't Heard

After the club, it's the afterparty. After the party, it's the bedroom (not the hotel lobby, you idiot).

by VICE Thump
18 October 2013, 7:30pm

The #SongsToMakeLoveTo trend started late last night, then died down for a bit—probably because everybody was taking their sexy jams for a test drive—and then flared up again this morning. Don't act like you don't wake up with sex on the mind. That's why there's so many songs about morning sex. (Just don't forget to brush first.)

The winner of today's #SongsToMakeLoveTo hashtag on Twitter has got to be "What Does The Fox Say", the EDM parody that recently went viral and is on its way to making a million dollars for the artists. Every other #SongToMakeLoveTo tweet was pushing it. Most of the electronic picks to "make love to" were jokes, like people picking Skrillex. There are many things we like to do when Skrilly comes on, but the sweet, sweet bone dance isn't one of them.

Anyway, to rectify the lack of electronic songs (and to show love for our Twitter fam who came up with some good ideas), here are 16 picks... because you need a whole list to make love to, not just one song.

Heartbeat(s) - "(We) Knew All Along (8prn remix)"

8prn makes your heart beat faster.

Ta-Ku - "Krule Love"

Technically, this is for #SongsToBreakUpTo, but whatever.

Lil Jabba - "Station North"

Jabba turns footwork into foot fetish.

South London Ordnance - "Black Acre ft Brolin"

The rest of the EP seems geared for the dancefloor, but this one works for the bedroom floor.

Knifeshow - "Everywhere"

Brooklyn-based Knifeshow put together this proper emo tune.

Natasha Kmeto - "Vodka Diet"

A vodka diet doesn't sound healthy but can definitely lead to some lovemaking.

Vιηyl - "Let Go"

The beatsmith Vιηyl dims the lights for us.

Stwo - "Lovin U"

Thank god LFTF released this. Big up.

James Blake - "Retrograde"

Yes, you knew there'd be some Blake up in hurr.

Jesse Boykins III - "Amor Us (MeLo-X ReMix)"

The Brooklyn soothsayers team up for this smooth operation.

The Weeknd - "Coming Down (Sango Remix)"

Yea, we like The Weeknd as much as everyone else. But the sound goes further around these parts.

The Weeknd - "High For This (Ellie Goulding Cover) (Sliink X Kiff Remix)"

This is meta. Sliink has been making beats for the ladies these days.

KEIYĀ - "Water Too (prod by Ohbliv)"

Some psychedelic beats and a silky voice always works.

Jeremih - "Fuck u all the time (Shlohmo Remix)"

Miss Tania Z picked this one out. Good move.

Sepalcure - "Down"

This was a choice by Canvas. We're Sepalcure fans here, too.

DJ Krush - "Skin Against Skin"

Baaahhhhhh posted this one. Thanks homie.

Finding this GIF while writing this made my day, so I'm sharing. What?

Mike Steyels is #feelingDrake about having no one to listen to his playlist with. - @iswayski

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