Hilarious Installation Leaves Wooden Chairs on a Sanding Treadmill

Leon de Bruijne might be the most patient vandal you've never met.

Feb 2 2016, 3:30pm

Screenshots and video courtesy the artist, via

Axes, fires, and bulldozers are all effective means of demolishing old furniture. For that slow burn, though, try moving sandpaper as artist Leon de Bruijne does with this chair sander. The work, with the paradoxical name, Quick Sand, is arguably one of the least expedient ways to turn your kitchen chairs to dust, but arguably one of the most gratifying. 

Call it vandalism, but most vandals lack this kind of patience. But de Bruijne himself, when you consider a past work that involves tossing bricks in a rolling chute until they become dust, is a different kind of vandal. It takes many drops of water to make an overflowing bucket, and, if you will, many grains to shave a chair down until it disappears. Goodbye, chairs, hello, brilliant depiction of long-term destruction.

The chair legs are held in place by black tubes

The seats reincarnate as sawdust

One chair leg proves itself more plucky than the others.

The work in the exhibition space of SPUI25. Photo: Wendy Oakes

If Leon de Bruijne soon decides to vandalize something new in an extremely patient way, you'll find it on his his website.

A version of this article originally appeared on The Creators Project Netherlands.


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