A Godzilla Hotel is Invading Tokyo

Tokyo's Hotel Gracery will open two Godzilla-themed rooms in April.

by Becky Chung
24 February 2015, 8:15pm

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If you've ever dreamed of coming face to face with Godzilla, you may finally get your wish at the daikaiju-themed hotel opening in Tokyo this spring. According to The Telegraph, the 30-story Hotel Gracery will feature a Godzilla Room, decked out with film memorabilia, and a Godzilla Viewroom, with a window that looks out to a massive head of the famous reptile.  The project is no coincidence: Hotel Gracery sits atop the Toho Cinema, the film company that released the first Godzilla film in 1954, and is in production on a new installment set for release in 2016. The hotel’s special rooms officially open on April 24.


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