Apple Watch Emulator Puts a 90s Mac On Your Wrist

The Mini vMac emulator allowed Nick Lee to put a seriously old interface on his new Apple Watch.

Jun 25 2015, 8:20pm

One Apple Watch owner has put a software fossil on his wrist. In his new YouTube video, programmer, jazz pianist, and self-described "jack of all trades," Nick Lee, uses an emulator called Mini vMac to run ancient Apple software on his just-updated to watchOS 2.0 device. Mini vMac is part of the Gryphel Project, a site committed to preserving old Macintosh software sold from 1984 to 1996. If you can remember that far back, the software in question is Mac OS 7.5.5, the depressing, gray Apple interface used 20+ years before the company’s color revolution.

Check it out below:

Visit Nick Lee's website and Twitter for more.


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