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We Asked Supreme Fans About Milo Yiannopoulos Wearing Supreme

Is the brand dead now it's being worn by one of the worst people on the internet?

by Lily Carr-Gomm
27 September 2017, 12:43am

Milo photo: Michael Mullenix/Zuma Press/PA Images

With every new collection of Supreme comes a new wave of fans declaring the brand dead. This is sometimes because they just don't like the direction the clothes are taking aesthetically, but more often than not is to do with the fact their younger siblings are now wearing box logo T-shirts, making the brand instantly bad and unwearable and embarrassing.

Some good news for those younger siblings, tired of being scapegoated by their elders: awful right-wing "provocateur" Milo Yiannopoulos – who resigned from alt-right platform Breitbart News and lost his book deal after saying sexual relationships between 13-year-old boys and adults can happen "perfectly consensually" – was photographed wearing a Supreme hoodie this weekend, so now everyone's hating on him for ruining the brand instead.

To gauge how Milo tarnishing the streetwear monster's name is going down among its biggest fans, we asked some of them for their thoughts.

Arney Mills, 18

"I guess a brand that, from my understanding, was formed by and for a community that valued everyday skaters and everyday people, but is now worn by dickheads like him, has really lost its validity. In my eyes, Supreme – a brand that rejected the elite and poked fun at it – has now been taken over by it. I'm not sure whether I buy into the whole vibe now anyway... not that that's going to stop me buying it, lol."

Patrick O'Donnell, 18

"Milo Yiannopoulos is not your typical Supreme kind of guy. He's an absolute arse and I completely disagree with his views, but if someone wants to wear something then I guess that's up to them. I'm not sure what the hell he thinks he is, but I'm sure most people would agree that his views are pretty regressive and backwards, and his attempt at wearing streetwear doesn't change anything.

"[It doesn't make me want to] buy the brand any less. Just because one idiot is wearing something, doesn't mean everybody else should have to change their behaviour. At the end of the day, he's just a dick."

Milly Pope, 18

"The fact he's wearing Supreme would put me off it slightly... but actually, it wouldn't put me off the brand because it's not like Supreme has done anything – it's all him."

Albert Harrison, 18

"I don't rate Supreme that much at the moment, but the fact he's wearing it makes me further dislike it, and dislike him. It would definitely make me less inclined to buy it."

Ben Wilson, 19

"To be honest, I think Milo is a bit of a cock and I wouldn't really want to be associated with him. On the other hand, however, I don't really care what people wear in relation to me – I'm not gonna stop wearing it just because someone I didn't like wore it. The Nazis were uniformed in Hugo Boss – pretty sure everyone is still pretty keen on that in 2017."

Ted Leanse, 18

"It wouldn't put me off [buying it] because it's not really related to the brand itself. If Supreme's owner was a dick or something, then yeah, it would – but nah."

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