Rolling Mass Prove That 'Spellbinding' Isn't Some Made Up Hippie Concept

Watch this video from the Melbourne electronic duo and be bound by spells.
19 September 2017, 4:36am

Melbourne duo Max Kohane and Carolyn Schofield create beguiling and bewildering electronic and dance music under the name Rolling Mass.They recently released their debut EP Prime Unity on Brain Dead, the Los Angeles fashion brand come music label and today release the video for the EP's title track.

Created by Errol Green, the clip features video feedback material generated using a 90s video mixer. "Errol does pretty amazing stuff with this thing live just by connecting the mixer outputs to the inputs and playing around with the feedback, colours and shapes that come with the mixer", explains Carolyn . "We love seeing what he comes up with on the fly at live shows so we asked him to edit some of if it down for this video. We think it's got some amazing moments."

Both Kohane and Schofield have released innovative electronic music over the last few years - Schofield with Fia Fiell (Nice Music), and Kohane under various guises including Max Kohanim, Max Crumbs, Mas Kohane, and Crumbs, but together things get real spellbinding.

Watch the video below and fall under a hypnotic spell.

'Prime Unity' is available now.