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Working on My 'Sleep Hygiene' Caused a Lot of Restless Nights

Reporter Shayla Love talks about her failed attempt to get the perfect night's sleep.

by VICE Staff
16 October 2018, 8:12pm

Image: Kimli/Flickr

"Sleep hygiene" has become an increasingly popular topic in wellness and health in the past decade—Arianna Huffington built an entire brand around it. But while the intention is good (a solid night of sleep has innumerable health benefits), the industry and messaging around it can backfire.

Tonic reporter Shayla Love found this out firsthand. Knowing that she didn't get enough sleep on a regular basis, she tried to hack her sleep cycle by unplugging hours before bed and buying a bunch of products aimed at giving people a better night's sleep: a weighted blanket, a special light alarm clock, and even a white, brown, and pink noise machine. But, as she explains on today's podcast, she ultimately found that all the effort she put in actually led to more sleepless nights.

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This article originally appeared on VICE US.

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