Supersonic GIFs Take You on a Ride Through Space

Adam Heath’s slick portals is like entering a moving dimension.

by Diana Shi
12 June 2017, 12:54am

All images courtesy the artist

In the world of GIFs, aesthetics can get weird and surprise viewers with strange formats. They can also make famous cultural moments into bite-sized odes, and traditional art pieces can be reworked with looping animation. Adam Heath creates abstract and immersive GIFs with a sci-fi bent. His GIFs routinely have the effect of zooming lights in a dark, boundless tunnel. They often incorporate whimsical themes like a bowling alley or sleek disco balls. The enticing designs are a tribute to the capabilities of digital art. Akin to driving a vehicle of the future, Heath's menagerie of GIFs is a smooth nighttime drive in a sports car. Check out some of his designs below:

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